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Tuesday 30th June 2015

Recently the Soho Theatre’s reached out to us in hopes to gain a little more information on how to eliminate the food waste produced from their upcoming production. Soho Theatre performed, “The Harvest” which takes place in an orchard. The set displayed an ‘extraordinary rig of green apples’ containing roughly 50-70 Bramley apples, which were replaced at the end of each day. From this amount of apples being used, the theatre's Green Team realized composting the acidic apples couldn’t be the only solution and desired to ensure that not even a single apple went to waste at the end of the day; a feat that we were more than willing to support in any way we could.

Through a few emails back and forth, we were able to help advise them on different venues to send their unused apples. Many local farms are more than willing to accept unused fruits and vegetables as feed for their animals. Another venue for unused fruit is Rubies in the Rubble, a small company that takes surplus or unwanted fruits and vegetables and turns them into jams and chutney.  Every region has a variety of companies that accept surplus, unused, or nearly spoiled food to turn into meals for those in need. Ultimately, working together, we could be sure that every apple would be invested wisely.

Beyond composting a handful of the apples, suitcases were delivered to Police Horses, Vauxhall City Farm, and FanShen Theatre Company. With only a fifteen minute walk separating the theatre from the Great Scotland Yard stables, a large sum of apples were delivered to Police Horses, even Grace, who led the procession at the Royal Wedding. Offering up free time, staff wheeled suitcases off to Vauxhall City Farm to deliver sweet treats to the goats, pigs, and horses stabled at the Farm. Lastly, the FanShen Theatre Company had a production called “The Apple Cart”. Team members from their theatre picked up a rucksack full of apples to sustainably use at their performances that toured around in the south.

Overall, it is a sweet success to hear that through collaborative efforts, zero waste can be achieved in all venues around the UK. If you ever have events or productions that produce any amount of food waste, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are more than willing to provide information and contacts to help you rest well knowing every ounce of food has been used and diverted from landfills.

For more information on the sustainability efforts at Soho Theatre:


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