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'Ugly' Fruit in France

Monday 22nd June 2015

With around forty percent of all fruit and vegetables being throwing away based on their physical appearance, France has decided to counteract this habit. The third largest grocery chain in France, Intermarché, has placed an initiative to reduce food waste by selling misshapen produce for a 30 per cent discount. The produce was placed in their own aisle, with proper signage to advertise to the customers about their quality in taste, but reduction in price.


We naturally, not only eat with our stomach, but with our eyes which caused initial hesitation when the initiative was first introduced. Customers were unsure of the taste and reliability of the produce because of being deemed at eyesores. The supermarket decided, in order to help sales, to turn the produce into juices and soups for customers to sample to prove their flavor was just as delicious as their pristine counterpart.


The results were hugely successful and all of the stock was sold out in the initial rush. Beyond selling all the ‘ugly’ produce, the grocery store noticed a twenty-four percent increase in overall traffic among their locations. Encouraged by the success of the trial runs, Intermarché will be launching the initiative in all 1,800 of their locations across the country. In general, the “government-sponsored day of action against food waste” is scheduled to happen during the same time as the Intermarché initiative.

As Intermarché took a stand on preventing food waste, other French supermarket chains, such as, Auchan and Monoprix are following in their footsteps. Additionally, in Britain a growing number of outlets are starting to stock “aesthetically challenged” produce.














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