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causa - Peruvian potato salad stacks

Thursday 12th March 2015

As any trendy young thing will tell you, there has been a bit of a growing fashion for Peruvian cuisine over the last couple of years. The trend often focuses on the Andean staple of quinoa or Coastal ceviche. But for our money, the best Peruvian snack is the humble Causa - mashed potato stuffed or layered with zesty salad. It also happens to be a very handy way to use up leftover mashed or boiled potatoes and chicken after a roast. 


Leftover mash! (ideally from yellow potatoes)


Leftover chicken



Lime juice

Diced spring (or red) onions

Hard boiled eggs


Salt and pepper

Mix the chopped spring or red onion, Chicken, lime juice and mayo in a bowl, season and set aside

Flatten out your mashed potato to a roughly even thickness on a baking sheet and use a cookie cutter to stamp out as many rounds as you can get from your leftovers

Put a potato disk on a plate and cover with chopped avocado (seasoned with salt, pepper and lime juice) and top with another disc

Top the second disk with the Chicken salad and tomato and top with another disk

Decorate with sliced hard boiled egg and olives, or whatever you like. If you want to get really Peruvian in your presentation get some ketchup and mayo involved. Variations on presentation and content are practically limitless - go wild!


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