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Roundtable: Scottish waste regs - one year on

Tuesday 3rd March 2015

A year ago, we hosted a roundtable discussion bringing people together from all sides of Scotland's new waste Regs. On 19th March 2015 we are hosting a follow-up discussion, uniting the Scottish waste sector. What are the biggest challenges? What's still to do? What useful lessons should we be sharing with the rest of the UK?

We are pleased to be joined by the key people from Zero Waste Scotland, SEPA, Edinburgh City Council Trade Waste, Levenseat IVC, Changeworks, Mitie CORE, Wm Tracey, Viridor, Growing Forth, REA ORG, and Biffa.

Scotland has been living with the new waste Regs for a year now. What does that mean in practice? All businesses are required by law to recycle the 5 key waste streams, but the big change is in food waste. 

All businesses that have anything to do with food need to introduce separate food waste recycling - currently if they produce over 50kg a week, but in January 2016 that reduces to 5kg per week - essentially any school, cafe, hospital or restaurant filling a caddy a week. Rural postcodes are exempt and NHS sites have until 2016 to comply, but the Regs have seen thousands of businesses changing over to introduce food waste recycling.

Our big aim has always been to drive best practice and encourage zero waste, and this top level industry event is no exception. We'll be sharing the day's conclusions - watch this space.


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