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Food Waste at Home

Monday 19th January 2015

Here are some useful tips on ways to reduce the amount of food waste at home.


Food Waste Diary

Feel like you might be throwing away too much food? Why not keep a diary of what you’re throwing away. This will help highlight which items you’re struggling to make the most of, for instance, if you’re often throwing away bread try freezing half the loaf when you get it, especially if you use it for toast as you can do this from frozen. The Food Waste Diary can also be a record of how much money you could be saving through more savvy food shopping.

Here’s a premade Food Waste Diary from ‘Love Food Hate Waste’:


Consume within 3 daysJuice

How often do you open the fridge to find an open packet which has the words ‘Consume within 3 days’ written on it? How often do you remember when it was you opened it? Or even worse, when someone else opened it? Solve this daily problem by writing on the packet the date you open it, that way you’ll know how long you have left and won’t have any unpleasant surprises in your morning orange juice.


The Freezer is Your Friend

Got a bunch of veg in the fridge threatening to go off? Why not cook it up into a big meal, don’t be afraid to chuck mushrooms, peppers, carrots, courgettes or whatever else you find in there into a shepherds pie or a spaghetti bolognaise, they all add to the flavour and help you get your 5-a-day. Then either invite some friends round for a dinner part to sample your creation, or freeze it in individual portions which you can take to work for a tasty and healthy lunch, makes a change from sandwiches.


Know Your Pets

If you have pets why not research what foods they are safe to eat, the next best thing to food going in your mouth is using it to feed another animal, and much better than throwing it away. Maybe your neighbour has a rabbit who’d like your carrot peelings? Or if you enjoy seeing birds in your garden (who doesn’t enjoy that??) then take a look at this article, it’s full of advice on what leftovers are suitable for garden birds to eat.

Bird feeding


Perfect Gift for the Foodie in Your Life

Buying gifts can be hard, especially if it feels like the person already has everything they need. If you find yourself facing this problem check out this great book: - “Chefs all over the world know that “leftovers” is not a bad word. Instead, that word represents time and money you’ve already spent! Why not use it?”

 Love Your Leftovers- Nick Evans

It’s all about eating healthily and planning your cooking so you reduce the amount of food waste, plus it makes a really original gift, so good you might end up not giving it away at all.











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