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Top tips for Easter leftovers

Wednesday 23rd April 2014

we throw away over 70 million tonnes of food and drink away from our homes every year in the UK. easter can be a lovely time to come together with family and friends and enjoy an easter feast - but this can mean lots of leftovers and potentially wasted food...

If you've found yourself with a heap of leftovers after Easter then why not try some of these top tips from Love Food Hate Waste and reduce your waste!

  1. if you need to freeze leftover lamb, let it cool before you freeze it, cut it up into smaller pieces so they’ll defrost quickly, and seal well in a plastic freezer bag with the date written on – they will keep for up to a month and will taste great in a stir fry
  2. Bubble & squeak can be made up of many tasty leftovers: don’t worry about what you throw in the pan (leftover vegetables, potatoes) as long as you chop a little onion into the pan first – it’ll make a great Monday night dinner. Don’t forget, store onions in a dark cool place and they’ll last for longer.
  3. If you bought a load of eggs to make some Easter cakes don’t forget to put the ones which need using up first at the front. These can easily be whipped up into omelettes with a bit of grated cheese from your freezer. Serve with some greens for a tasty, nutritious dinner.
  4. To freeze sliced up cake put greaseproof paper between each slice allowing you to remove a few slices at a time rather than thaw the whole cake.
  5. To freshen up a day old loaf, hold it very briefly under a running cold tap. Give it a good shake and pop in a hot oven for about 10 minutes; it will be as soft and crusty as freshly baked bread. 

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