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Salmon Soup at Love Food Hate Waste Theatre, BBC Good Food

Friday 22nd November 2013

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Motorway food can be a nightmare for us: the provenance of the ingredients and quality of the food, the lack of nutrition and wasteful packaging – take your pick! Imagine my joy then in finding a motorway stop in Sweden where they serve salmon. The fish, the whole fish, and nothing but the fish! From smoked to fresh, hot meals and salads, and best of all a rich flavoursome salmon soup to use up all the scraps.

I went home and tried out some ideas and this is my result that I cooked up as one of my dishes at BBC recently. It was a pleasure to take part and particularly rewarding when the public interact asking supplementary questions. It’s very important to have LFHW present at such an event, to raise awareness with foodies and spread the word.

To make this soup you can use a mix of smoked and fresh salmon – odd shaped pieces are perfect. Often you can buy such pieces for a reduced price but usually I have trimmings left from another day that I have frozen, then when you have sufficient you can make a batch of soup. With deliciously crusty wholemeal croûtons it becomes a meal in itself.


salmon soup with croûtons 


300g Scottish salmon trimmings – or mixed with other fish

50g butter with a drizzle of rapeseed oil

1 medium onion, peeled and chopped

1L vegetable stock

150mls single cream

Freshly milled black pepper and sea salt

1 large potato, peeled and diced

2 tsps of tomato pureé

1 small glass leftover dry white wine – if you have it

Yesterday’s bread, cut into cubes

Dill/ parsley /wedges of lemon to garnish



Cut salmon into bite sized chunks.

Heat butter with oil in a generous sized pan and cook onions until soft but not browned.

Add salmon to pan and sauté for a few moments, taking care not to mash.

Add remaining ingredients apart from the cream and simmer gently for 5 minutes until potatoes are soft and salmon opaque and cooked through.

Using a slotted spoon, set aside a few pieces of salmon and liquidise soup.

Add cream, stir and heat through until steaming hot. Check seasoning and adjust as necessary. You can adjust consistency if required - a little extra stock to thin or a blended teaspoon of cornflour brought to the boil in the pan to thicken.

Ladle into warm bowls, adding a few chunks of salmon to each.

Serves 3-4 with toasted bread croûtons.


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