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Hospitality sector are the worst for waste

Wednesday 16th October 2013

A new report has revealed that 50% of bars and restaurants in the UK are failing to recycle their waste - not a good statistic considering these types of businesses are the worst offenders for producing food waste. who carried out the research suggest that poor recycling amongst bars and restaurants is down to a drive for lower costs resulting in all waste being disposed of as general waste.

However, recent research carried out by ourselves to be published later this month has shown that there is value in recycling more. By improving waste practices, weekly waste costs can actually be reduced.

Bars and restaurants need to learn that more bins doesn’t mean more money and in fact by recycling more they can cut costs. Landfill is the most expensive destination for waste so any reductions in general waste that can be made will result in savings.

Scottish bars and restaurants are set to realise this come January 2014 when the Waste (Scotland) Regulations will require all businesses to recycle by law.


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