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Monday 12th August 2013

CBI Innovator of the Year First Mile showed poor-performing councils how to recycle by providing pop-up recycling stations across London’s green squares last week.

London businesses still send over 1 million tonnes of waste to landfill every year. Westminster Council and their contractor Veolia published data earlier this year to show they only recycled 13% of material collected in 2012.

From Monday 5th- Friday 9th August, Londoners enjoying lunch in the sun were able to recycle every bit of their packaging and food leftovers in First Mile’spop-up recycling bins. First Mile provided recycling bins across ten different green squares including Golden Square, Soho Square and Cavendish Square.

All food collected was taken for anaerobic digestion where it will produce electricity and a nutrient-rich fertiliser. All dry material (paper, plastic, card, metal and glass) was taken for processing at a state-of-the-art recycling facility and turned back into new products.

 “We want to help London businesses to recycle more. Councils are not achieving good results in terms of recycling and it should be a lot easier. Our customers can recycle over 90% of material and pop-up recycling is a great way of demonstrating how easy it can be.” Bruce Bratley, First Mile CEO.

story contributed by Sarah Morgan - First Mile


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