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composting it's all in the mix

Monday 12th August 2013

It was National Compost Awareness Week recently and with the weather picking up what better time to start composting at home? Not only will you get a free supply of compost for your jobs around the garden but you’ll also be reducing your carbon footprint.

Composting at home for a year can save as much CO2 as your washing machine emits in 3 months!

all in the mix

The key to good composting is getting the mix right and it’s all in the balance of green and brown materials. Green materials are high in nitrogen and help keep the compost moist. Think things like fruit and veg peelings, grass cuttings, tea bags and coffee grounds.

Brown material adds carbon to the mix and provides roughage giving the compost its texture. Paper, cardboard, egg shells and even the contents of your hoover contribute to the brown fraction.

To avoid unwanted visitors it is best to keep meat and cooked food out of your compost bin. Lots more handy hints and tips can be found on the Recycle Now website.

Happy composting!


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