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new Scottish regs leading the way to zero waste

Monday 12th August 2013

Scottish businesses are the first in the UK to be required to recycle – including food waste.

As of the 1st of January 2014, all businesses in Scotland will be required to separate dry recyclables including glass, paper, cardboard, plastics and metal at source.

The new regs also require food businesses producing more than 5kg of food waste a week to introduce food waste recycling.

Food businesses producing more than 50kg of food waste a week be required to separate food waste for collection by 2014, while smaller businesses will have until 2016 to comply. Food businesses classed as ‘rural’ are exempt from the food waste legislation.

These regs aim to reduce the volumes of waste going to landfill and encourage Scots to see their waste as a resource. The 2012 regulations will prepare Scotland for the planned landfill ban of biodegradable waste in 2020.

The regulations being imposed in Scotland are groundbreaking and if enforced and regulated correctly, could see Scotland soar ahead of the rest of the UK in the waste management stakes. Perhaps the Scottish Government’s vision of a zero waste Scotland is closer to becoming a reality?

Further info on the regs: Zero Waste Scotland and SEPA.


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