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is it really waste? redistributing surplus food

Monday 12th August 2013

Waste. It's a short word with a long story. But much discarded food could be avoided and eaten, rather than going to waste.

 WRAP estimates that around a fifth of all food and drink bought is thrown away needlessly. Consumer campaigns like Love Food Hate Waste are doing stirling work to raise awareness and help people waste less food.

But what about businesses who find they have surplus food on their hands? Plan ZHeroes is one of a number of organisations working hard to tackle this problem. It is a simple idea - Plan ZHeroes matches surplus food to local charities in need of sustenance. 

The brains (and heart) behind Plan Zheroes, Chris Wilkie and Maria Ana Botelho Neves, are on the waste management working group. They are passionate that redistribution of edible food should be a key part of reducing waste.


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