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collaborating, not competing

Monday 12th August 2013

So the hospitality and foodservice agreement is finally underway, with the first wave of working group meetings now complete. 

As Project Manager of the Food Waste Network, I am obviously pretty interested in food waste recycling. So I was pleased to attendthe waste management working group.

The room was full of representatives from all sections of the foodservice food chain - waste recycling companies, high-end restaurants, highstreet quick-service restaurants, contract caterers and a good sprinkling of technical support bods.

Chair Mike Hanson’s final words stayed with me – that this is a unique forum uniting key players from across the sector. The phrase that impressed me was ‘collaborative and non-competitive’.

Outside this agreement, many signatories and supporters are competitors. But brought together, we as a sector have a unique opportunity to discuss issues facing us all. Nobody has a monopoly on good ideas, and sharing best practice raises standards across the board.

And if outside of the agreement, foodservice companies compete with each other to be greener - to waste less and recycle more - then that's good news for streamlining costs and even better news for the environment.


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