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landfill tax rises to 72 per tonne

Friday 31st May 2013

April 1st saw an extra £8 piled on top of the already eye-watering landfill charges. In this economic climate, why would any business waste money sending rubbish to landfill? 

Landfill has long been the most expensive destination for UK waste, and now the difference has widened yet again. 

For the non-waste-geeks among us, the 'gate fee' is the fee paid by a waste collector to bring its load to a particular waste treatment facility. Landfill tax is an extra tax which rises by £8 per tonne every year as a way of discouraging landfill and boosting recycling rates. So what a business pays its waste partner generally covers:

  • their collection charge;
  • plus the gate fee for where the waste goes;
  • plus the landfill tax for anything which can't be reprocessed in some way. 

So what do different processes cost?

WRAP's 2012 gate fees report looks at median gate fees for all the different places waste can go. There is huge regional variation and pricing is pretty complex, but these median figures give a broad idea.

  • Landfill including landfill tax: £85 per tonne
  • Food waste recycling: £41-44 per tonne
  • Dry mixed recycling: £9 per tonne

And now that landfill tax has gone up yet again, the business case for food waste recycling grows even stronger.

The real april fools here are businesses and councils still sending waste to landfill. 


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